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Welcome to Care Medical Center's Neck Pain Archive. Here you can learn more about Care Medical Center, Chiropractic, and Dr. Ryan Moorman, today's choice for Chiropractors in Valdosta, GA, Tifton, GA and Nashville, GA. Read Dr. Ryan Moorman's Chiropractic Neck Pain for the health of it.

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The False Correlation of Auto Damage to Medical Costs

Insurance companies have historically attempted to convince their insureds that accidents with low property damage claims do not justify medical claims. With the MIST (minor impact soft tissue) guidelines, Allstate even went so far as to create adjuster guidelines that segmented out auto accident claims with less than $1,000 damage. Claims adjusters were instructed that, ...


Vertebral Axial Decompression

Not only is discogenic pain common; it is often debilitating and refractory to multiple types of care. Popular interventions for discogenic pain include intradiscal electrothermal therapy, spinal fusions, and artificial discs. In conservative pain medicine, our treatment options include exercise therapy, facet injections, radiofrequency ablations, pharmacotherapy, etc. However, at Care Medical Center, we offer the ...


The Ultimate Strategy For Whiplash

whiplash valdosta

Whiplash is a generic term applied to injuries of the neck caused when the neck is suddenly and/or violently jolted in one direction and then another, creating a whip-like movement. Whiplash is most commonly seen in people involved in motor vehicle accidents, but it can also occur from falls, sports injuries, work injuries, and other ...


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