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Weight Loss & N-LAL Lazer Lipo Program

The Weight Loss and LipoSise @ CMC is a unique program not offered anywhere else in our area. Most weight loss programs are only prescription appetite suppressants and a weekly injection. Our program combines a protocol for prescription appetite suppressants Adipex and metabolic regulators, but combines it with Medical Grade Foods that are not sold over the counter and only sold by physicians. This includes delicious cookies and protein bars from Straight Medical Labs that have a built in appetite suppressant, along with non-invasive N-LAL laser light lipo and exercise.

Who doesn’t want to eat cookies and chocolate bars and lose weight?

There are 4 key components to the program:

Straight Medical Labs1. Straight Medical Labs Foods: This includes Protein bars, cookies, shakes, soups and supplements. These are functional medical grade foods that are not sold over the counter and only sold by physicians. The medical grade foods are the very first of its kind with a built in appetite suppressant and follows a strict 1200 calorie diet. The protein bars and cookies include proprietary Lepticore which blocks leptin in your bloodstream from grabbing sugar and fat in your bloodstream and depositing them into your fat cells. The protein bars and cookies have a unique Super Fiber called Thin Adventure Fiber that Dr. Malovi from Straight Medical Labs created with Dow that absorbs 9 times more water than normal fiber so it fills you up and suppresses your appetite. The science behind it is amazing and it is the first of its kind on the market.

Weight Loss FoodHunger Suppressing Foods

2. The Medical Prescription Appetite Suppressants: If you qualify for the medical prescription appetite suppressants then you follow an 800 calorie diet. Metabolic regulators may also be prescribed to help maintain muscle mass and energy levels while losing weight. You will also come in for weekly Lipo B12 shots and weigh ins to ensure you are staying on tract to meet your weight loss goals. In order to start the prescription appetite suppressant program, you will get a physical exam, complete blood work, In-Body body chemistry and EKG performed. You will start the medical grade foods and return in one week to go over your results of your EKG and blood work then get your first prescription.

Weight Loss Success3. N-LAL (Near Lazer Assisted LipoSise): For treating problem areas that you would like to lose both inches and weight we offer the N-LAL, which is non-invasive. The N-LAL has near laser light diodes that open the channels in the fat cells to release the fatty acid and glycerol out of the fat cell causing the fat cell to shrink, along with the area you are treating. This non-invasive lipo has no cutting, needles, or surgery so it is much safer and a lot less expensive than liposuction.

How N-LAL Works:

  • Each N-LAL treatment will release anywhere from 300 to 500 calories of fat and all you have to do is wear the N-LAL treatment heads on your problem area and do moderate exercise. We assist you in placing the NLAL and you get on a vibration plate or treadmill causing the released fat to be metabolized by your body.
  • Most people need about 2400 calories daily so if you eat more then your fat calories will go back into the fat cells and you will get no results. Therefore, you must follow a 1200 calorie diet while using N-LAL as the channels in the fat cells stay open for about 24 hours post treatment, and additional 500 to 1000 calories may be released and utilized by your body. This is where our 1200 calorie cookie and protein bar diet greatly improves the NLAL outcomes.
  • N-LAL is better than liposuction because it is NO surgery, NO downtime, NO irregular weight gain, and a fraction of the cost of liposuction.

In addition to our in office N-LAL, we offer the only portable treat yourself at home Lipo called LipoSise. It is a portable fat reducing Lazer Lipo system you wear while exercising and targets even stubborn fat areas. We have 4 portable back pack LipoSise units that can be rented by the week where you treat yourself at home twice daily for up to 20 minutes.

4. Exercise: Moderate exercise such as walking 20-30 minutes daily.

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