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Patient Benefits

  • Successful long-term weight loss requires having the right professional partner.
  • Your health care practitioner has instituted a scientifically proven program with over 15 years success, available to you right here, right now.

Why It Works

  • Trust in fully balanced, portion controlled meal replacements made with natural and organic ingredients. You’ll eat healthily.
  • Proven benefits. You’ll have more energy and better health, all around.
  • Experience an automatic change in your eating pattern. It’s so easy, you’ll require less support and the program will work regardless of your daily routine.
  • Improved hunger control results in an average weight loss of 12 to 15 lbs so you will stay motivated.
  • Low cost, no preparation, no weighing foods or counting points. So the lack of time and expense are not a concern.
  • This is not a diet. You will begin a new lifestyle.
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