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Catch “Health” This Fall
provided by Care Medical Center Staff

Read Catch “Health” This Fall provided by Care Medical Center Staff to learn more about Care Medical Center and our Chiropractic office in Valdosta, GA.

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We very often hear people talk about “getting sick.” I would like to suggest that it is more of a case of you “doing sick.”

Sickness, disease, a cold or the flu are each far more related to what choices you make each day. Bad luck, and “catching a bug,” are not really what happens. After all, people around you often do not “catch” the same bug that you did, even though they touched the same door knobs and breathed the same air.

The secret here lies in your immune system. If it’s working right, you can breathe in dangerously bad germs all day long and not get sick.

The Secret To A Healthy Success

One secret to your over health success is your immune system. Your immune system has an enormous role in your health that it can affect every cell in your body. Your superhero immune system must not only protect you from coughs and colds but also to fight against cancer, repair damaged joints and regenerate properly aiding in the slowing of the aging process.

Let’s Take Action!

This month let us all commit to making ourselves a little healthier by choosing one or more of these healthy habits to harvest the rewards of an incredibly healthy fall season.

Rake In The Benefits With These Great Tips

  • Sleep at least seven hours each night: Better sleep means a healthier immune system. Remember our brain and body recover from the day’s stresses while we sleep.
  • Get Adjusted: Have you and your family’s spine and nervous system checked because your immune system is run by your central nervous system. Chiropractic kids are freakishly healthy — This is one great reason why!
  • Avoid Sugar and Snacks: Especially sugary, salty or fried foods, or foods with pesticides or preservatives in them. Limit the added sugars where you can. Steer your family towards fruit and vegetables instead. Get creative and save time with power smoothies.
  • Reduce Dairy: Try using almond or rice milk instead. Take any child with asthma or ear infections off of dairy, and they improve – just about every time. Add in some adjustments and the healing is even faster.
  • Regular Exercise: Make sure you and your kids exercise each day. Want to make it one step better? Add a little workout in the morning before school or work that is fun. It will get your lymphatic system moving which makes for a healthier body.
  • Avoid Medications and Let Fevers Ride: When you or your children do get colds, do not immediately lower the fever. When children have a fever, comfort, and love on them, and monitor them closely, but try not to break the fever. The fever is the body’s way of combating the “bug” and learning how to protect itself in the future from the unwanted invader. Far too commonly, we see that persons that use fever-reducing drugs often seem to have colds that last for a week or longer.
  • Eat Breakfast Every Morning: That’s why they call it “breaking the fast,” so get your day started with a healthy meal.

Ready To Help!

Fantastic News! Chiropractic sits at the very top of that list! So do not limit Chiropractic care to aches and pains. This year make chiropractic part of you and your family’s wellness strategy.

Our expert team is ready, willing, and able to help you! Please ask one of our team members all of your important questions so that we can ensure that you can prepare your immune system for the strongest fall season yet!

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For Your Health,

Dr. Ryan Moorman

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